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Meet the guests of the 2022 Arizona Black Rodeo! Each year, we invite community members to participate in the event and to help us celebrate. We honor our Grand Marshals for their leadership, as they kick off the event in a ceremonial parade.

Frank Sanders.jpg

Grand Marshal

Frank Sanders

Former NFL Athlete

    Frank Sanders is an accomplished athlete and business owner who was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and resides in Arizona.

   Frank was drafted in the 2nd Round of the 1994 NFL Draft, as the 46th pick by the Arizona Cardinals. That same year, he was named wide receiver Rookie of the Year. In 1998, he led the NFL in receptions with 1,145 yards and three touchdowns and was named Sportsmanship recipient, an award given to one player in the NFL who displays great leadership character on the field. During 1998, he was NFC alternate for Pro Bowl (as well as for the following two years) and picked by John Madden for the All Madden Team as wide receiver.

    In college, Frank was inducted into the Auburn Walk of Fame as one of the all-time greatest wide receivers to play at Auburn University (2007). He played both collegiate football and baseball (1991-1994). He was selected by the Chicago Cubs as an outfielder in the 1994 draft (20th round) and by the Seattle Mariners (14th round). In 1994, he participated in the College World Series Baseball Games.

    He was 1st Team All American (1993-1994) and 1st Team All SEC as wide receiver (1994). He participated on the 2nd Team All SEC as wide receiver (1992). 

    Frank was named Florida's Top 100 Athletes and named All Country and All State Wide Receiver with 33 catches, 875 yards and 10 touchdowns while in high school.

    As a business owner, Frank has been a partner of Lift Him High Production since 1998. He also owns Excellent Wearables, a silk screen and embroidery company in operation since 2006.

   Frank, a Christian man born again in 1995, mentors, trains and motivates and all ages. He is a member of the Phoenix Cardinal podcast ( and is an avid golfer with a 5.2 handicap.

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